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Social Media

Provide Social Media content strategy for your brand that becomes shareable and engaging for your consumers and drive more engagement across all Social Platforms. We can also amplify and deliver likes, comments, views, retweets, favorites, shares all in real-time across all Social Media platforms.

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Social Media Amplification Platform

Sheeraz, Inc has created a unique platform that can amplify your Social Media posts in real-time. Some of the biggest brands and celebrities use this service to make them look like Social Media rockstars!

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Sheeraz, Inc will share relevant high level contacts in the US, South Asia and the Middle East and provide introductions via our network for your brand to drive sales, sponsorships, create strategic alliances and open up international markets.

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Evaluate and make recommendations on your brand’s online presence, Social Media strategy and sales funnels to drive more revenue and innovation for your brand.

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Middle East Media Buzz

Create huge media articles for your brand in some of the biggest and most trusted media outlets in the Middle East, United States, Europe and South Asia to drive more awareness for your company and also to attract investors and create an exit strategy.

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Middle East and India Activations

Sheeraz, Inc specializes in activating brands, celebrities and influencers to the Middle East and India. If you are looking to break into this market, Sheeraz, Inc can open up the entire market for you and your brand. From Product launches, appearances, private events, you name it, Sheeraz, Inc has access to the top elite buyers in the region to activate your brand.

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Breaking News

This is the ultimate secret weapon for a brand to avoid spending hundred of millions of dollars in traditional advertising. Sheeraz, Inc has a proprietary formula to get the brand millions of dollars of earned media as opposed to paid media.

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We will source sponsors throughout North and South America, India, Asia, Europe and the Middle East to identify the right brands that match with your company.

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Red Carpet

On a daily basis we will have reporters in LA, New York, Miami and London representing your brand on the biggest red carpet events.

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Influencer And Celebrity Engagements

We offer access to some of the biggest Social Media influencers and celebrities from our network for huge amplification and celebrity appearances for your brand at the most-cost effective rates.